Man holding a mobile phone on video call

Secure video calls with prisoners

You can now have a secure video call with a family member or friend using your mobile phone or tablet.

To access a video call, please go to the app store on your mobile device or tablet and search for “Purple Visits”. Then install this on your device. For a how-to guide, please visit the .gov website.

Once you have set up your account, your family member or friend can request a video call via the internal booking form. Once this has been approved, you will receive a notification via the app and you will have 3 days to confirm the appointment time.

Video calls last for 30 minutes and each prisoner can have up to 4 people on the call. Calls are free of charge during the Coronavirus outbreak. Unfortunately, only mobile devices or tablets can support the app, you will NOT be able to use your computer. Video calls are recorded and monitored by prison staff and the usual rules for conduct and behaviour with social visits will still need to be followed.

Tablet video call with mum and child

Our Mission Statement

“To support and advise prisoners and their families to promote and enable positive change.”

To access a video call, you must make sure that;

  • all video callers are on the prisoner’s visitor list
  • the ‘main caller’ is over the age of 18 (people under the age of18 can be on the video
  • call, as long as they are on the prisoner’s visitors list)

What you will need to be able to register to use this service;

  • mobile phone or tablet
  • passport, driving license or another government-issued photo ID
  • proof of address (if your ID does not include this)
  • the prisoner’s name, number and date of birth
  • names, dates of birth and addresses for everyone who would like to be on the video call

Tips for a successful call;

  • Keep the camera still and switch off notifications
  • Good lighting and a plain background
  • Clear sight of everyone on the call
  • Dress code and behaviour – The calls are monitored and will be paused or cut off if the prison rules are not followed.

Advice or assistance with the purple visit process

If you need advice or assistance with the purple visit process, please contact a member of the Choices team from the prison your family member or friend is currently residing in.

HMP Dartmoor01822 890550 or 01822 322163
HMP Channing’s Wood01803 814600 EXT: 4893
HMP Exeter01392 415972 or 01392 415970

Video call feedback form For visitors

Please take the time to complete this feedback form, all feedback given will be included in a monthly report and discussed with prison management. Your views will help us to know what is working, and to improve that which isn’t. Please return email the completed forms to