View across Dartmoor from Sheeps Tor

Domestic Visiting Times:

Day;TimeCentre opens
Monday:No visits-
Tuesday:No visits-
Wednesday:No visits-
Thursday am:No visits-
Thursday pm:No visits-
Friday am:No visits-
Friday pm:14:00-16:0013:00
Saturday am:09:30 - 11:3009:00
Saturday pm:14:00 - 16:0013:00
Sunday am:09:30 - 11:3009:00
Sunday pm:14:00 - 16:0013:00

Click for directions to HMP Dartmoor

Bus: At Plymouth bus station take a bus to Tavistock for the connecting bus service to Princetown. There is no Tavistock to Princetown services at weekends.

Train: The nearest mainline railway station to HMP Dartmoor is at Plymouth.

Taxi: Different companies appear to charge anything from £12-£40 fares to HMP Dartmoor from Plymouth. The average rate should be £12-£20. If possible it is advisable to agree a fixed fare with your driver before setting out.

Car: From Bristol, follow signs to the Southwest eg Exeter, Okehampton (A30). Bypass Okehampton following signs to Launceston, taking the next turning on the left, signposted Tavistock (A386). As you approach Tavistock, after passing Kelly College on the right, take the 2nd turning on the left hand side signposted Princetown. Proceed for approximately 7 miles over the moors turning right into Princetown. Once in Princetown you will see the prison on the left hand side. (If you would like a more scenic route over Dartmoor, after Exeter then follow the signs for Plymouth). After about 28-29 miles you will see signs for Ashburton, don’t take the first turning off to Ashburton (on the left), take the next one signposted Ashburton, Two Bridges, and Princetown. Princetown is approx 12 miles from the turning (down very winding roads). Once in the village of Princetown take the first right turn, the prison is approximately half a mile up this road on the right hand side.

From Plymouth, follow the signs to Yelverton, Princetown. Once in Princetown turn left. The prison is approx half a mile up this road on the right hand side.

From Cornwall, follow the signs to Tavistock. On arriving in Tavistock follow the signs to Princetown which is approx 8 miles away.

The visitors’ car park 

There are two visitor’s car parks that are situated approx. 150 yards before the prison on the right-hand side. Visitors are to use the second and third car parks which are situated further down the drive. There is also a disabled car park situated on the left of the driveway, by the prison courtyard.

Baby playing with wooden blocks

Our Mission Statement

“To support and advise prisoners and their families to promote and enable positive change.”


HMP Dartmoor
PL20 6RR

Prison Tel: 01822 322000
Choices Tel: 01822 322163

Regional Services for Prisoners’ Families

Online booking service is currently suspended for all three prisons.

Booking line number: 01822 322022
Opening Times:
Monday – 12:00-15:00
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday- 10:00-13:00
Friday- 09:00-12:00
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There are two visitor’s car parks that are situated approx. 150 yards before the prison on the right-hand side. Visitors are to use the second and third car parks which are situated further down the drive. There is also a disabled car park situated on the left of the driveway, by the prison courtyard.

Family Visits at HMP Dartmoor – Subject to the lifting of COVID restrictions

Applied for by the prisoner

Family visits take place once per month. There are two types of family visits. Child Centred Visits (CCVs) and Adult Only Visits (AOVs). CCVs are held eight times per year and AOVs are held four times per year. The dates for these visits are displayed in the visits centre, visits hall and on the wings. All applications to attend these visits must be made by the prisoner. Applications must be made using the Choices family visits application form, these can be found on the wings.
All applications for these visits are subject to security approval.

Child Centred Visits – Starts in August – see dates for applications

These are designed to help enhance positive interaction between fathers and their child/children. The entire visit is designed with the child/children in mind. Fun-filled activities are available for children of all ages. The Choices team are there to support fathers with their families during these visits.
CCV’s are run between the hours of 10:00am – 16:00. Visitors are advised to arrive at the visits centre by 09:00.

Adult Only Visits – Starts in August – see dates for applications

These are designed to help enhance positive interaction between prisoners and their adult family members/significant others.
AOVs are more relaxed than social visits enabling prisoners to spend quality time with their family members/significant others. The Choices team are available to support prisoners and their loved ones during these visits.

HMP Dartmoor holds AOV sessions between the hours of 10:00-16:00 visitors are advised to arrive at the visits centre at 09:00. Change using the kiosk system found on the wings to: using the Choices adult-only visits application form found on the wings.

painted hand prints
painted hand prints
painted hand prints

Visitors’ Centre – HMP Dartmoor

Run by Choices

The Visitors’ Centre offers a warm and welcoming child friendly environment for all visitors to HMP Dartmoor.

Hot, cold drinks and snacks are available for purchase upon arrival.

The centre is manned by a team of Choices volunteers and staff. Information, advice and guidance are readily available on issues surrounding community agencies, family services, benefit services, prison regimes and procedures and much more.

Visiting families can also access one-to-one support and advice from the Visitors Centre upon request. There are play facilities for children of all ages as well as toilets, lockers and baby changing facilities.

Arriving for your visit

Once visitors arrive in the Visits Centre, staff will be on hand to assist them with the booking in process. Visitors will need to show the Choices staff their photographic ID. They will also be required to complete an information slip stating who they are visiting, along with their name and address details. There is also a form to record distance travelled, ethnicity, disability and child’s ages. Visitors will then be assigned a number and a locker key.

Once booked in, visitors will be able to place all their items into a lockable locker. They will then wait in the visits centre until they are called over to the visit. The Visitors Centre has indoor seating, toilets and an indoor play area. Hot and cold beverages and snacks can be purchased from the visits centre.

The Visits Centre is wheelchair accessible.

The number that was allocated to the visitor when they booked in will determine the group they will be in. Once visitors go through the gates into the visits hall waiting area, an officer will call out their search number. Once their number is called they will be required to go into another room where they will be searched. A female member of staff will always search female visitors. Visitors may also be asked to stand in a line to enable a search by the passive search dogs.

Once visitors have entered the visiting hall, they will be asked to go up to the Officers desk where they will book in and be allocated a table number to sit in. The prisoner will already be seated in the visits hall when the visitors arrive.

Prohibited Items When Visiting Prison

It is an offence to take prohibited items in to the prison. Prohibited items are classified in four categories as follows:

  1. Drugs, explosives, firearms, ammunition or any other offensive weapon.
  2. Alcohol, mobile telephones, cameras, sound recording devises or any parts of the latter three items.
  3. Tobacco, money, clothing, food, drink, letters, paper, books tools, information technology equipment.
  4. Monetary notes, bankcards, watches of any kind.

What Can I Bring in for a Prisoner when I visit?

Books are the only acceptable items that can be brought in on a visit that does not need prior approval. Books must have the prisoners name and number written on the inside cover. You will be required to inform the Choices staff upon arrival to the visits centre that you have books to be passed onto the prisoner. The Choices staff will provide you with a form for you to complete. The Choices staff will then arrange for your books to be taken to the prisoner.

Any other items must gain authorisation from the Governor in order for it to be bought in on a visit.

What Can I take into the Visits Hall?

The only items that can be taken into your visit are:

  • Locker Key
  • Money – In the form of loose change, in a see through money bag
  • Visiting Order or Choices numbering slip
  • Baby food and powdered milk can be brought in, as long as they are still sealed as new, in the original packaging.

Up to £20 per adult visitor, or £10 per child is allowed to be taken into the prison to purchase refreshments. This must be in a clear money bag and must be coinage only.

Nappies and wet wipes are provided by the prison.

There are lockers available in the Visitors Centre for any items that you need to store prior to the visit.


Sending Money in for Prisoners

You can send money in for Prisoners using a debit card or bank transfer. You will need the prisoners’ name, date of birth and prison number.

  1. Please visit the website. Or search “money to prisoner”.
  2. Use the prisoner’s number and date of birth.
  3. It will take up to 3 working days to reach the prisoners’ account.
  4. Prisoners can spend the money in the canteen as normal.

Dress Code when Visiting Prisoners

The majority of our visitors are accompanied by children and we want to foster a decent, safe and relaxed family environment for all our visitors. Because of this, the prison follows a strict dress code.

The following items of clothing should not be worn:

  • Hats, Scarves or head coverings that are not worn on religious grounds
  • Jackets or coats, hoodies or gloves
  • Inappropriately damaged clothing
  • Metal hair accessories
  • Steel toe-capped shoes/boots or cycle/motorcycle shoes
  • Non-prescription glasses i.e sunglasses
  • See-through/revealing clothing
  • Ripped jeans
  • Items of clothing that display offensive abusive or insulting words or gestures
  • Mini or very short skirts/dresses unless worn with leggings
  • Shorts that are shorter than mid-thigh to knee length
  • Visible or exposed underwear
  • Smart watches

This list is not exhaustive. It is up to prison staff to make decisions and judgements as to when clothing is inappropriate. When making these decisions, staff will always consider decency and diversity. You may be asked to adjust clothing or wear alternative clothing if available. As a last resort, your visit may be cancelled if the dress code cannot be followed. Smart Casual is advised.

Play at HMP Dartmoor – Subject to the lifting of COVID restrictions

Bring the children

Choices provide supervised play in the designated play areas in the Visitors Halls. A playworker and a team of volunteers supervise play sessions during visiting times.

Play plans and play themes are devised to facilitate children of all ages and abilities thus enabling stimulating, enjoyable activities for all during visiting times.

Choices encourage all children to spend time with their dads whilst visiting, along with the provision of activities within the play area, toys, games and drawing materials are available for children to play with their fathers at the tables.

Although the Choices team provide playful activities for visiting children, parents still have overall responsibility for their children during these sessions.


Catering at HMP Dartmoor – Subject to the lifting of COVID restrictions

Healthy Choices provide wholesome and affordable food and beverages to all visitors during visiting times in the Visitors Centres and Visitors Halls.

Choices have conducted some research ascertaining what visitors would like to eat and drink during visits. These requests have been adhered to along with our ethos of providing a healthier choice of foods and beverages resulting in an extensive change of menu within all three prison establishments.

Visitors can now purchase a wide range of hot and cold snacks such as toasted sandwiches, cake, cream tea, fruit,  tea, coffee etc.

Child smiling while painting
Toasted sandwich

Family Conference Meeting at HMP Dartmoor – Subject to the lifting of COVID restrictions

Choices recognise the significant role that families play in the well-being of prisoners. Choices staff offer new prisoners and their family member/significant other the opportunity to attend a Family Conference Meeting. This meeting facilitates prisoners and their family member/significant other to identify and discuss possible areas of need, in order to put into place relevant support networks to help reduce the likelihood of re-offending.

Family Conference Meetings will;

  • Enable prisoners, their family member/significant other to sit and talk through any concerns or issues they may have in a calm and safe space.
  • Be facilitated by members of the CHOICES team who will be able to offer guidance and support.
  • Offer support that is non-judgemental and aimed at giving prisoners the best possible outcomes.
  • Help to identify areas of concern and to structure a plan for on-going support for both the prisoner and family member/significant other.
  • Provide opportunities to access relevant additional support.

All applications to attend a Family Conference Meeting must be made by the prisoner, using the kiosk system found on the wings. All applications for these visits are subject to security approval.


Inductions at HMP Dartmoor

Family / Prisoner Support / Inductions

Choices staff and volunteers see all new prisoners during their induction process with the aim to highlight possible needs and services available.

If a prisoner highlights areas of need regarding family matters follow-up work can be undertaken. Prisoners are given the opportunity to highlight their needs during their induction or put in an application for one of our team to come and see them at a later date.

Family conferences
Man looking worried

Safer Custody Hotline

Every person at Dartmoor has a right to feel safe. The staff are responsible for their safeguarding and welfare at all times.

If you are concerned about the safety or wellbeing of a man in HMP Dartmoor, call the safer custody hotline. There is an answerphone that is checked several times a day. Telephone: 01822 322 111

If you have an immediate concern, please call the main switchboard to voice your concern. Telephone: 01822 322000.

Your Voice Matters

Prisoner Voicemail

Prisoner voicemail is a faster, easier, cheaper way to communicate. All you need is a prison voicemail number.

Sign up with Prison Voicemail

How it works

  1. Leave messages from your mobile at any time. Call your Prison Voicemail number from your mobile at any time and leave a message. The message is instantly available at the other end.
  2. The prisoner listens to the messages. They simply dial their Prison Voicemail number from any phone in the prison. The call costs them the price of a normal landline call.
  3. Get a reply, leave another message. After listening, the prisoner can leave you a reply. When you receive a notification, just call your Prison Voicemail number to listen and respond.

Payment Plans

  • Bronze for Infrequent contact, 25 universal minutes per month.
  • Silver for Regular Contact - 75 universal minutes per month
  • Gold for Super Users - 100 universal minutes per month
  • Pay As You Go - 50 universal minutes on initial signup.

Visit the website for their latest prices

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