Why we are here

Choices aim to support offenders and their families

It has long been acknowledged that offenders who have maintained family ties are far less likely to re-offend. Children and families can play a significant role in supporting an offender to make and sustain changes which reduce re-offending (Home Office, NOMS Reducing Re-offending Pathway). For many families relationships are put to the test when a member goes to prison. Support for these families is sparse. Family members may not feel that they can discuss their feelings and fears with people they know for fear of recriminations. Choices aim to support offenders and their families through these times with the aim of maintaining family ties where possible. However, maintaining these ties may not always be deemed appropriate. Choices also offer support to offenders and families when they are separating.


  • To ensure that the children, their carers, and families of prisoners have access to appropriate advice, care and support relevant to their needs.
  • To facilitate opportunities for positive contact between prisoners and their families from the courts to release.
  • To support families and prisoners in the resettlement process.
  • To respond to the needs of prisoners/family members at risk of suicide and self-harm.
  • To support the development of restorative justice and promote community involvement in supporting people affected by imprisonment.




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