Case Study 2

“Having a parent or close relative in prison can hugely impact on the behaviour of children. I have first hand experience of this as my partner, my daughter’s dad, was serving a prison sentence. I wasn’t sure if I would be able to take my daughter to visit, so visited first on my own.

My first visit last year was nothing like I expected, Choice’s staff and volunteers in the Visitor Centre were so friendly and put my mind instantly at rest. Obviously I was nervous about entering a prison for the first time, but in the Visiting hall there was a lovely refreshment area where you could buy hot/cold snacks and drinks. I could see there was a play area and children were taking toys and games to play with their dads. I wished I had bought our daughter and after discussing with my partner we agreed I would bring her on my next visit.

We didn’t look back again my daughter loved visiting her dad, and seeing her smile and play with other children helped us all as a family unit. I wished I had visited sooner, my daughter was much happier both at school and at home once she had seen her dad. I can’t thank Choice’s staff and volunteers enough for the good work they do. My partner is now out of prison and we are living together happily, something I don’t think would have happened, had Choice’s not been there when we needed them… THANK YOU ”

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