Family Visits - HMP/YOI Exeter

Applied for by the prisoner

Family visits are held once per month and are available to prisoners with or without children who are on enhanced status/regime. These visits can help strengthen and maintain family ties between prisoners and their families.

Child Centred Family Visits (CCVs) take place once every school holiday. CCVs are available for prisoners who have children. the focus of these visits is on the child/children. During the CCV fathers are actively encouraged to engage with their children through positive interaction via play. CCVs provide an opportunity for fathers and their children to bond in a way that is not often possible during a normal domestic visit.

Family visits and CCV days are designed to be more relaxed than regular visiting sessions. Prisoners can get up from their seats and interact with their families. Activities for the whole family are provided by Choices staff and volunteers. Family visits and CCV days are very popular with prisoners and families. Requests for attendance to these days must come via prisoner application only.




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